Father’s day is fast approaching, and if, like most of us, you’ve got a tricky dad to buy for…then the panic of finding a gift is starting to set in. Once you’ve exhausted every golf book possible, gone through the wide variety of exciting ties on offer and even dabbled in the world of beard oil, it really does get trickier and trickier to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. Especially if, again like us, you’ve already peaked in the world of gift giving, thanks to that customized charcoal grill with all the nifty thingamajigs and the homemade beer blend...there’s no way to top a gift that makes your father cry with happiness.

So, if you too have reached that level – fear not. We’ve got a few suggestions to help you find something that will keep your golden child status intact for at least another year. 

Our top pick for this year would have to be our cheeky bundles of tea – a variety of different blends for all types of tea lover!


The dad who needs to indulge once in a while…

6 of our most indulgent teas – perfect for a sweet treat after dinner

indulgent cheeky

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The dad who leaves the Christmas lights up all year round…

Our Christmas cheeky bundle is perfect for those houses with the reindeer lights in the garden well into June… (By which point it’s nearly Christmas again anyway, so they had best stay up)

our christmas cheeky

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The dad who turns his nose up at any of that fancy nonsense…

A fancy tea in disguise...bulk buy our english breakfast and keep your dad stocked up for months!

everyday brew bulk 6 packs

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The dad who believes in the fancier the better...

Our 3 fanciest teas…a real special treat!

super special teas

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The dad who’ll share his tea haul with you…

Create your own pick n' mix sample box, each piglet comes with 2 temples - perfect for sharing!

pick n mix sample box

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The dad on his fifth health kick of the year…

Treat your superhero dad to the superhero of the tea world….it makes perfect sense!


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The dad who enjoys nothing more than a good book and brew…

The tea book and a pack of english breakfast tea – perfect.

the tea book

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The dad who deserves ALL the tea…

28 blends, for one truly special dad

ultimate cheeky

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Check out the rest of our great gift bundles here and find the perfect gift for the man who was definitely just resting his eyes when you were born....Happy Father's Day!