father's day gift guide

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Father’s Day is fast approaching (June 21, you're welcome), and if, like most of us, you’ve got a tricky dad to buy for…then the panic of finding a gift is starting to set in. Once you’ve exhausted every golf book possible, gone through the wide variety of exciting ties on offer and even dabbled in the world of beard oil, it really does get trickier and trickier to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. Especially if, again like us, you’ve already peaked in the world of gift giving, thanks to that customized charcoal grill with all the nifty thingamajigs and the homemade beer blend...there’s no way to top a gift that makes your father cry with happiness.

So, if you too have reached that level – fear not. We’ve got a few suggestions to help you find something that will keep your golden child status intact for at least another year. 

pick n' mix


pick n' mix box bundle


Our lovely pick n’ mix box allows you to choose up to 12 different piglet packs, each containing 2 tea temples. It’s a great way to introduce him to the wonderful world of tea and encourage him to try some new blends. 

cold brew


joseph joseph collaboration with teapigs cold brew bottle


Whether your dad is a health and fitness fanatic, or just in need of a little encouragement to drink his 2 litres of water a day, our cold brew starter kit is the perfect answer! Check it out here.

something to read... or watch?!


loose leaf teas


If your dad is big on matcha, why not treat him to a book written by our co-founders, Nick and Louise? The Book of Matcha! This book has plenty of yummy recipes too, but if cooking is more your thing than his, then why not give one of the recipes a go yourself to send him! If reading isn't quite his thing, what about watching!? Treat him to a ticket to virtual tea school - tickets include a sampling pack so he'll be able to taste along. More info here. Please note - UK times on the Eventbrite page.



discounted tea bundles


If your dad is busy glugging down 4-5 cuppas a day, firstly we applaud him, and secondly, we highly recommend our tea bundles!

... coffee?!


elementary coffee bag


"Hey teapigs, why don't you sell coffee?" is something we get asked a fair bit. Truth is, we don't know a whole lot about the dark stuff... plus, coffeepigs looks pretty daft, right?! Lucky for us, we're pals with some pretty great folk who do - so we thought we'd invite them over to hang out on our website for a little while... introducing Elementary Coffee Co. Elementary Coffee Co's mission is to ditch the snobbery of the coffee industry and create an environmentally conscious coffee brand that brings the art and science of craft coffee to all, so we're super excited to have picked two of our favorite blends from their range to share with you! So, if your dads more of a coffee man, head this way!


have a browse of our teaware to go with your tea!


So you’ve got the tea (or coffee!), now all you need is some nice, sturdy teaware to drink it from. Check out our full range of teaware here.     

still looking for more gift ideas?