in the beginning…

Nick and Louise started teapigs in November 2006 with one mission – to get the nation drinking real tea again.

Back then, things looked a little different. Really great things were happening in coffee however, not-so-great things were happening in tea. Even though we are a nation of tea drinkers, quality tea was hard to come by unless you went somewhere super fancy. We wanted to change all that and make great quality tea accessible, and a whole lot more fun!

And so teapigs was born.

teapigs founders nick and louise tea tasting

getting started

As many of you may already know, our co-founders Nick and Lou spent good years working at Tetley before they embarked on the teapigs adventure, and their mission to bring quality tea to UK tea lovers. They started the teapigs journey from scratch, dreaming up the blends, building the ikea shelving and operating from a tiny office in Ealing. They secured start up funding from what is now Tata Consumer Products (then Tata Global Beverages) they’ve supported us at arm’s length with the boring (but very important) legal stuff. And we have kept our focus on what matters to us - our products, people, sustainability, and community projects. 

teapigs operates out of Pump Alley in Brentford and Grattan Street in Brooklyn. We’ve nurtured and grown the teapigs brand over the years, being true to our values of quality, sustainability, community… and a frankly obsessive love of amazing tea. All of which was cemented in 2019 when we were certified as a B Corporation - joining a community that considers people, environment and profit in equal measure when making business decisions.

If you would like to learn more about us and how we operate, feel free to pop us an email –, or come down for a cuppa when we’re back in the office! 

our beliefs

We know that doing small things better can make a big difference. That first cuppa in the morning? Game changer!


That’s why we make a big thing about real, quality tea, sourced sustainably, in packaging that’s better for the environment. We give back to the communities that bring us our tea. We do our best to take care of the people that make it all happen. And try not to take ourselves too seriously along the way. No airs. No graces. Just fine tea.

We only source the best quality tea leaves, berries, herbs and spices. 100% natural with no artificial flavorings. 

We source from sustainable estates and we were the 1st tea company to be certified Plastic-Free.

We give back to the communities that bring us our tea and our local community in Brentford. We have our own ethical scheme that gives back to vulnerable young people in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

our team

our people

We work hard to develop & maintain a friendly company culture that supports people to be the best they can be through training & development, open feedback sessions, a big focus on health & wellbeing in the work place & agile working options. We reward our people for what they bring to the business & continually review our culture & benefits package as we evolve & receive feedback. We have a strong, inclusive team spirit that we work hard to maintain.

our big leaf tea vs dusty tea from a paper bag

our tea

Given that it makes up most of our name – it’s safe to say we love tea. We particularly love real tea. By real tea, we mean top quality tea leaves, whole herbs, whole berries, whole spices, whole flowers get the picture.

It's all about the flavor. The tea in regular tea bags has been squashed, chopped and manhandled so, by the time it reaches your cup, almost all the flavor is lost. We don't think that's very nice.


We select top quality ingredients and keep them big and whole for BIG flavor... simple!

our plastic free tea temple allows swelling of the tea and bigger portions!

our tea temple

We think the teabag was an inspired idea – one of the greatest inventions before (and since) sliced bread. But you can’t fit whole leaf tea in regular paper teabags. And not everyone has the time to make loose tea the ‘proper' way, what with all the pot warming, deciding who will be mother etc.


And so the tea temple was born – a roomy, biodegradable mesh bag, which offers all the space whole leaves need to release their big, bold, beautiful flavor. Loose tea – without the fuss! (although we do have loose tea as well, if you like a bit of fuss)

teapigs today

You’ll find teapigs in lovely cafes and delis, food halls and grocers, hotels and restaurants up and down the country… and in over 40 countries too! We have an office in Brentford, (kinda) West London and an office in Brooklyn, New York too. Our teas have won over 152 Great Taste Awards, we’ve been voted best brand 4 times by independent retails and we have a team of over 40 brilliant teapigs.


We still love to see photos of our tea out and about, so if you spot us, please do share @teapigs #teapigs.

the US team


Tea Otter

Eastern Sales Manager


Tea Style

Western Sales Manager


Tea Spoke

Eastern Sales Associate

the UK team

Nicole D

Tea Fanatic

Finance Manager





Tea Ambassador

Commercial Director


Tea Genie

Trade Support Manager


Tea Counter

Head of Finance


Tea Geek

Head of E-commerce

Rachel H

Tea Pea

Head of Out of Home


Tea Droid

Senior Brand Manager


Tea Hee

Global Business Development Manager

Charlotte L

Tea Light

New Product Development Manager

Charlotte H

Tea Fairy

Partnership Manager

Rachel G

Tea Party

E-commerce Manager


Tea Bird

Head of International


Tea Nut

Key Account Manager - Catering


Tea-mon & Pumbaa 

Trade Events & Training Manager 


Tea Total

Head of Specialty Grocery



Key Account Manager - Wholesale


Tea Tidy

Marketing Executive


Tea-kka Masala

Finance Assistant


Tea n' Toast

Warehouse Administrator


Tea-nage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Junior Account Manager


Tea Cat

PR & Community Manager


Tea Pun

Ecommerce Assistant


Tea-pical Rocker







Finance Manager



Office Manager



Sales Executive




Nicole B

Tea Diddy

Amazon Assistant



Trade Support Assistant

Export & OOH


Tea-ny Dancer

Trade Support Assistant


Tea Mamba

Customer Service Assistant


Tea Spirit

Customer Service Assistant



Account Manager - Speciality Grocery & Wholesale

Sophie T.

Tea Tourer

New Business Executive OOH


Tea Sailor

Supply Chain Manager