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The revival of green tea is very much in full swing, with the young, the not so young and pretty much everyone in between firmly jumping aboard the green tea train. And who can blame them!? We love green tea – it’s one of the most diverse tea groups out there, and above all, tastes amazing. We for one are THRILLED to see green tea finally taking up lots of well-deserved shelf space in the supermarkets. 

So, let’s start with the basics:

Tea or not tea? Tea! All green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, making it a fully-fledged tea.

Where is it grown? Although now grown all over the world, China and Japan remain the top producers, with over 75% of green tea still being produced in China.

How does it taste: From light & floral (good) to astringent vegetable (…not so good)

How to make: Brew for 3 minutes with 80 degree water ( grab the kettle just before it boils!)

How to serve: Hot without milk

What makes it so special: Its amazing diversity – different regions and even individual producers would all grow very different types of green tea.

If you fancy dipping your toes into the world of green tea, but not sure which green tea is right for you - take a look at some of our favourite green teas below and what they are best for. You never know, it could just be your new favourite brew….

mao feng green tea – the classic

Green tea temple split bag

Louise says: This tea is special, unlike any other green tea on the market. A green tea liked by people who don’t like green tea….

The number of people who proclaim to disliking green tea because of that one dodgy cup of dusty green tea they tried back in the 80s is pretty astonishing – If that sounds like you, we strongly urge you to give it another try! Green tea should be light and most importantly…GREEN. Not a bitter, murky brown concoction.   

Try mao feng green tea here.

green with mint – best of both worlds

green tea with mint temple split bag

Louise says: A delicate green tea known as "precious eyebrows" blended with peppermint leaves for that traditional Moroccan experience

Good if you’re feeling: Rough on the inside and even worse on the outside; green tea and mint are a great cure-all. 

This is what’s known as a ‘gateway green tea’…perfect for newcomers to the green tea scene. But before long you’ll be hooked on the mao feng – trust us. 

Try green tea with mint here.

jasmine pearls – a super special brew

jasmine pearls tea temple split bag

Louise says: The leaves of this beautiful green tea, from Southern China are carefully hand rolled into a precious pearl then engulfed in fresh jasmine flowers. Leaving the tea to nestle amongst the flowers allows the natural floral scent to absorb into the tea, giving it a delicate pure taste!

Good if you’re feeling: In need of a treat.

Jasmine pearls is one of our most special teas – it’s incredibly delicate, with a light, floral, refreshing, natural jasmine taste. If floral is your thing, definitely give our jasmine pearls a try. 

Try jasmine pearls here.

popcorn tea – for the adventurous green tea lover

popcorn tea temple split bag

Louise says: This tea has flourished from humble beginnings - Japanese peasants used to mix green tea with toasted rice to make it go further. It is now celebrated in its own right as Genmaicha tea, or Popcorn tea. A truly unique blend with an almost nutty undertone.

Good if you're feeling: Adventurous!

Popcorn tea has long divided tea lovers – it’s an acquired taste, that’s for sure. But as long as you think savoury toasted rice, as opposed to sugary sweet, you won’t be disappointed! This is a firm favourite in the teapigs office and a must try for anyone looking to shake up their regular green tea drinking habits. 

Try popcorn tea here.

cleanse with coconut - a green tea with a twist 

cleanse tea in our teapigs glass tea cup

Louise says: The cleanest greenest tea ever (in our opinion!). A super combination of green tea, lemongrass, ginger, coconut and dandelion leaves which help cleanse your body - treat your body to the spring clean it so richly deserves. Refreshing and slightly sweet tasting this is delicious hot or cold.

Good if you're feeling - in need of an invigorating cuppa! 

Cleanse is our delicious detox tea, packed with all-natural ingredients, including organic green tea. A punchy tea that tastes even better than it smells (and it smells pretty darn great) - our go-to when we're in need of a refreshing cuppa. 

Try cleanse with coconut here.

matcha - the ultimate green tea

matcha and teaware to help make the tea

Matcha is 100% pure green tea leaves, ground up into a fine powder so you ingest the WHOLE THING. You can find out more about our superpower green tea here 

Visit our green tea shop where you’ll find our whole range – from packs of 50 for the hardcore fans, loose tea for the traditional amongst you, and sample piglet packs for the newcomers. We’ve got something for everyone!