how to brew loose leaf tea

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Oh hi, didn’t see you there – what, these ol' things? It’s just our 5 bestselling loose leaf teas, sporting a brand new look – 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging. Plus, they’re real pretty to look at...

Loose leaf tea has been part of the teapigs range since day dot, and we've finally found a way to spruce them up a bit! Bear with us as the rest of the loose leaf range changes over, and in the meantime, let's take a look at just what makes loose leaf tea so great. 

big leaf, big flavour

It's no surprise that we're passionate about bringing big leaf tea to the masses. The starting point for any good brew is making sure you’ve got high quality, full leaf teas. Cheaper teabags and low grade loose leafs make use of the dusty stuff – the broken leaves, the discards of the production line, which create a sad, bitter and flavourless brew.

The good stuff, whether it's proper tea picked from the top of the camellia sinensis, whole chamomile flowers, or the whole herbs & spices found in other blends, is kept as close to it's wild state as can be. This makes sure that it's packed will of flavour!

While each temple is carefully portioned to make sure you have the perfect ratio of tea for your cuppa, loose leaf tea gives you more versatility. Armed with a mighty infuser, you’re free to up or down your dosage to suit your personal preferences.

our teaware can help you measure the amount of loose leaf tea

how to brew

Once you've picked your tea, it's time to gather your equipment. Grab your infuser, tea spoon, cup and/or teapot.

Each of our loose leaf teas has a recommended dosage on the pack and on their page on the site - generally, this is 1-2 teaspoons (or roughly 2-3 grams) per serving. The variation between blends takes all sorts of things into account - from leaf size, to blend ingredient balance, to the overall flavour profile. While these are tea taster Louise's recommended dosages, part of the fun of loose leaf is experimenting - if you like a slightly stronger brew pop in an extra half or full scoop until it's just right for you! 

our top tips

Some top tips for brewing loose leaf tea...

  • For blends like chai, be sure to give your tea a mix before filling the infuser - some ingredients are heavier than others and will sink towards the bottom of the bag so need re-incorporating before brewing.
  • If using a teapot, using an infuser instead of a strainer means you have better control over your brew time as you can remove the leaves from the remaining tea. Remember, most teas have enough life in them for more than one brew.
  • Pop fresh water in your kettle - remember to always use freshly drawn water and only fill as much as you need to save on water and electricity wastage.
  • Remember the golden rules still apply - 80 degree water for white, green and oolong teas, 100 degree water for black and herbal teas, and we recommend a 3 minute brew time.
  • Enjoy the ritual! Loose leaf tea is as much about the experience of making your brew as it is drinking it, whether it's your everyday method or a once in a while treat. Pair it with a scone or slice of cake (or two, or both!) for the full experience.

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