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foamy, milky matcha!

What with the official arrival of summer, we thought we’d share one of our favorite summer drinks with you all – an iced matcha latte.

Not only will a matcha latte give you an all-natural energy boost, increase brain power, alertness and focus – it’s also just a delicious way to cool down in the summer months, and let’s be honest, quite the conversation starter thanks to its vibrant colour!

With our matcha latte sachets, we’ve become a dab hand at making matcha lattes at teapigs HQ, and thought we’d share our foolproof recipe for the perfect iced matcha latte.

 You will need:              

  • Matcha
  • Your choice of milk – alternative milks are our preference here.
  • Ice
  • A whisk
  • Sweetener (optional)

Our simple iced matcha latte recipe:

  1. Using a hand held whisk, whizz up 1g matcha (or 1 matcha latte sachet) with a splash of milk. We love brown rice or almond milk as they add a natural sweetness.
  2. Add your ice
  3. Pour over the rest of your milk
  4. Give it a quick mix together
  5. Feel free to add in a squeeze of honey or agave syrup if you've got a sweet tooth.

 And that’s it - we told you it was simple!

Experiment with different milks – our go to is brown rice milk, but all alternative milks work really well with matcha (oat milk is also a new winner!) Also be sure to try out different matcha flavors – our favorite over ice is matcha mint, but matcha cocoa is a very close second!

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