Tea or not tea??

Tea! It comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, making it one of the tea gang. 

Where is it grown?

Originally Guangdong and Fujian provinces in China - but in recent years it has become a huge deal in Taiwan. Nowadays Taiwan tea growers almost exclusively grow oolong tea – exciting times!

What makes it special?

The time and complexity involved in its manufacturing process. The leaves are oxidised and rolled to different degrees to give distinctly different flavours – the oxidation percentage can vary from 10% (think green tea) to 70% (more of a black tea).

What makes it even more special?

It’s our tea taster, Louise’s favourite tea. Accolade indeed.

How does it taste?

It can vary from woody dark to floral and delicate – As oolong sits somewhere firmly in the middle of green and black tea, it’s best to imagine the flavour and subtlety  of green tea paired with the strength of black tea - a must try for tea lovers!!  

What is Tung ting?

Translated as ‘frozen peaks’ – Tung Ting is grown in the Nantou region in central Taiwan and harvested 4 times a year. The leaves are rolled super tightly, resulting in a sweet and floral flavour. The transformation of unfurling leaves in the bag whilst brewing is truly amazing – and most importantly, is strong enough to handle being brewed a fair few times!

Fun fact: If we had a pound for every time someone (including us) called it ‘ting tong oolong’ we’d be millionaires.

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