matcha yoghurt ice lollies

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With summer finally here, we’ve had to find a few alternative ways to get our daily matcha dose. Iced matcha lattes have become a staple, and given frozen yoghurt is easily the best thing about summer – we thought we’d try out some matcha yoghurt ice lollies!

As far as lollies go, there’s plenty of good stuff packed into these refreshing treats, so read on to see the simple recipe. 

How to make matcha yoghurt ice lollies

Serves 6:

500g (1lb 2oz) Greek yoghurt with honey

2 tsp teapigs matcha powder or 2 matcha sachets

A few drops of vanilla extract

Whisk together one-fifth of the Greek yoghurt with the matcha powder until smooth, lump-free and uniformly coloured.

Mix the remaining yoghurt with the vanilla extract in another bowl.

Divide the matcha yoghurt mixture between 6 ice lolly moulds and top with the remaining vanilla yoghurt mixture.

Insert a wooden lolly stick into the centre of each lolly and freeze for a few hours or overnight until well frozen.

To serve, hold the moulds under cold running water and then ease out the frozen lollies.

Simple variations to try

For a dairy-free version try coconut yoghurt

Try using one of our flavoured matcha powders - frozen matcha cocoa, YUM! 

Try stirring some fresh blueberries or small chunks of peeled, stoned lychees into the yoghurt mixture before freezing.

Instead of separating the yoghurt mixtures, mix everything together and then add a mashed ripe avocado together with 2–3 tbsp almond milk. Blend well, spoon into the moulds and freeze as above.

If you give these a try, we'd love to see how you get on! Tag us in your snaps on Instagram (you can find us @teapigsUS

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