how to make a Matcharita

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A margarita is a classic combination of tequila, salt, and lime… but who knew it could be improved with matcha? Ago Perrone of the Cannaught Bar in Mayfair and mixologist Tom Sandham  have created a Japanese twist on the Mexican classic by pairing premium grade matcha with the fruity and sour flavours of cherry liqueur, orange curacao and yuzu.  A touch of black salt brings out the flavours AND adds a photogenic contrast (#forthegram).

how to make a matcharita 

From bartender Ago Perrone (Connaught Bar, Mayfair, London) and mixologist Tom Sandham for the World’s Best Cocktails book, featured in The Tea Book.

Serves 1

50ml (2fl oz) Calle 23 tequila blanco

2 tsp orange curacao

2 tsp unsalted yuzu juice

2 tsp maraschino liqueur

¼ tsp brewed Matcha tea

Black salt and lemon slices, for garnish


Shake all the ingredients with ice and serve straight up in a glass (or a teacup) with lemon slices sprinkled with black salt.


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