Meet Sam, our west coast teapig!

Posted by Lola Tanner on


Meet Sam, our newest American teapig! She’ll be helping us grow teapigs on the west coast:

  •  My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam.
  •  I’m 31.
  • Originally from New York, I’ve been living in San Francisco for 10 years.
  • I like to spend early mornings walking on the beach.
  • My morning drink of choice is a matcha latte with a tad of honey, iced or hot, depending on the weather.
  • I’ve been working in the specialty food industry for 10 years, before working with tea I was a cheese monger.
  • I love Chinese dumplings, and spent a long time perfecting how to make them at home.
  • My favorite vegetable is artichoke – I think due to the extra effort it takes to eat it.