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The challenge? Take matcha every day for two weeks, and see how sprightly it makes you feel - Simple!

 Last year, a whopping 1000 people took on the challenge and the results were pretty staggering, with 91% saying they felt more energised (whoop!) Take a look at some of our results from last year, and see for yourself why you should take up the challenge this January:

matcha benefits

Matcha shop

Throughout January we’ll have 15% off our entire matcha shop, making it easier than ever for you to get on board the matcha train. From pure matcha powder, matcha kits, ready made drinks and our brand new “on the go” sachets – we’ve got 15% off the WHOLE lot. 

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Stuck for ideas?

The great thing about matcha is that you can pretty much add it to anything, and still reap the benefits.

With every matcha order, we’ll send out a handy 2 week calendar, offering up fun suggestions for how you can take matcha each day. Smoothies, lattes, muffins, as a hot tea - you name it, you can do it!

Click here for some of our favourite matcha recipes

can be used in nearly every meal!

Tell us how you feel

(although nothing too deep…we get a bit awkward with TMI)

At the end of the two weeks, we’d love to have your honest feedback about how you found the whole experience - good or bad (Although we’re hoping for good!)

If you bought matcha online, then we’ll be whizzing a super quick survey your way via email at the end of January

If you bought matcha from one of our lovely stockists and want to be included, just email info@teapigs.com with subject line “matcha challenge”, and we’ll make sure we send you a survey too. 

When you take part in the survey, you’ll be automatically entered in to our giveaway where you can win a year’s supply of matcha - whoop!!

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