tea floats

Posted by Lola Tanner on

3 bowls of ice cream

ice cream + iced tea = happiness, there's no debating that

We've decided to share our little summer secret with the rest of the world... tea floats. Our friends at Phin & Phebes agreed with this geniusness and helped us to brainstorm some fun combos!

  1. Pink Ginger*
  2. Chocolate Mint*
  3. What the Matcha?
  4. Bold Earl*
  5. Double the Chocolate
  6. Dark & Stormy*

*can be made "adult" for happy hour

tea float recipe - serves 1

  • Cover 2 tea temples with 2/3 cup hot water and let steep for 12 minutes (longer = more flavor)
  • Scoop out a generous portion of ice cream (~2 scoops)
  • Pour tea concentrate over the ice cream & enjoy your very first tea float!

15% off our teas used in tea float recipes below!

> rhubarb ginger

> chocolate flake 

> earl grey strong 

> lemon & ginger