We've got a latte love for Autumn...

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Forget the woolly hats, tartan scarves and mittens - tea lattes are the must have accessory this autumn.  (Although maybe don’t forget the tartan scarfs… That would be insane)

Packed full of whole leaf tea as well as real herbs and spices, our tea temples are essentially little bags of intense flavor – which means they are PERFECT for turning into everyone’s favorite milky beverage - the latte!

Believe it or not, they are super simple to make at home – grab your favorite autumnal tea, follow our handy guide and you’ll be thanking us a latte (ouch) in no time…

How to make:

  • Pop 1 tea temple in your mug
  • Cover the tea temple with boiling water (about ¼ mug)
  • Leave to brew for 3-5 minutes
  • Add a teaspoon of brown sugar/agave syrup for extra sweetness
  • Top with hot frothy milk
  • Add a sprinkle of cinnamon for fanciness.

Our favorites:

Pumpkin spice, schmumpkin spice – we’re all about the chai.

The scent alone will knock you for six, but take a quick look in the bag and you’ll be confronted with hefty cardamom pods and chunky cloves – we know size isn’t everything, but… it definitely helps. This blend offers up a glorious taste of India without ever having to leave your kitchen.

If you fancy being slightly more adventurous, why not use our chilli chai – be warned it comes with a kick.

Or if you’re looking for a caffeine free option which still packs a Christmas punch, then spiced winter red tea might just be your new best friend – all the flavors of Christmas but none of the glorious caffeine jitters.

The best news is that all our black and rooibos teas can be made into scrummy lattes – so why not get experimenting with your favorite blends?Although we don’t recommend using herbal teas, we’re not one to stamp on peoples dreams, so go get ‘em tiger.

Prefer the green stuff?

Fear not, matcha lovers – we’ve got two words for you: MATCHA LATTE

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