what is lemongrass?

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Meet lemongrass - a humble little plant (well, we say little... it looks awfully like a 5ft tall weed) that has been used for centuries in South America, India, and most of the South Asia for everything from alternative medicine to a staple cooking ingredient.

what is lemongrass?

Much like the name suggests, if you were to stumble across a patch of lemongrass in the wild it would look like, well, grass! Strictly speaking, lemongrass isn't a "tea" as it doesn't come from the tea bush, the camellia sinensis, but we don't mind giving it the honorary status since it's a big, warm cup of yum. It's naturally caffeine free too, so you can drink it morning, noon or night with no worries.

where does it come from?

It's native to most parts of South America, South East Asia, and even Australia - though about 80% of the world's lemongrass crop is actually grown in India. But for the common folk (that's you and I), we're most likely to have come across it in the form of a dish at the local Thai or Indonesian restaurant - so it seems right to know that we source our tea from Thailand.

what does it taste like?

A mug full of this stuff is light, lemony, and a little sweet, with lots of lush tropical aroma to set you up for the most relaxing start to your day. Deep breath in - ahhh. Lemongrass has been used for aromatherapy for as long as it's been drunk as a tea - its refreshing scent is said to help freshen the air you breathe in, and provides a sense of calm. We've even just won a Great Taste Award for our pure lemongrass, with the judges commenting on the 'punchy, citrus aroma'.

what can I have it with?

Well, if it can hold its own in a curry, it can go up against pretty much everything! The mellow sweetness and citrus finish means that lemongrass pairs really well with all sorts - from veggies, to fish, and even meats. Be as adventurous as you like!

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