What’s the difference between iced tea and cold brew?

Posted by Lola Tanner on


After a refreshing cold drink? Meet cold brew! Now available in six refreshing flavours, simply pop one in your water bottle before you head out the door and… well, that’s it! No waiting for the kettle to boil, no added sugar, no sickly syrups.

Now, cold brew – isn’t that just iced tea!? Well, the end result is pretty much the same but the difference lies in how you brew them.

All our teas can be turned into delicious iced teas, but you need to brew them in boiling water first as they haven’t been designed to infuse in cold water. Usually we make up a big batch of tea in a jug to form a concentrate, leave it in the fridge overnight and top up with ice and cold water – tastes fab although it does take a little time and effort. But them's were the olden days – enter, cold brew!

Our cold brew tea temples have been treated with heat so that they can be brewed quickly and safely in cold water. This doesn’t compromise the flavor – you just get a much quicker brew. 

Cold brew is literally what it says on the tin – simply add one of our new infusions to your glass or bottle of water and you’re good to go. We think they taste perfect after 5 minutes, but you can brew them for as long as you like and you can keep topping up throughout the day too. They make glugging your way through your 8 glasses a day a breeze.

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